Posebook Weeks 4-7


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Documentary Video

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Peer Critique

For this critique, I used Darien Waldron’s walk cycle animation.


For this animation, I think the animator has key poses down. It seems like the person is moving, however, due to the lack of in between poses, the pacing is too fast. Also, the body leans toward the left but doesn’t lean toward the other side while shifting legs. With more key frames added, the follow through of the body parts would be more easily received and obvious and the ease in and ease out of the arms would create the arcs it needs. The body also moves upward, but doesn’t move back down as the steps are being taken. Creating a life-like character and exaggerating movements and expressions is what makes an animator.

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Character Design Revision

For this project, I chose the story of Urashima Taro. The characters I chose were the princess, Otohime, Urashima Taro, one of the children that beats on the tortoise and the tortoise itself. Urashima Taro is said to be the best fisherman and the kindest person around so I drew him with a fishing pole in a relaxed and carefree pose. The child refuses to stop beating the tortoise because him and his friends found it first. Although not necessarily a bad kid, his personality seems bratty. Initially, I had the child in a different pose, but changed it to show that he was bratty. The princess is described as being very beautiful and caring. I gave Urashima a disheveled hairstyle and simple clothing to show that he doesn’t care much for looks. He cares about those around him and fishing. For the princess, I wanted her to give off the feeling of being noble. I tried to accomplish this with little detail in clothing to make it easier to animate. I designed her dress and ears to be that of a sea creature because she was the princess of the Dragon Palace, a hidden underwater palace. I also wanted to give the princess a general symbol that would also relate to the tortoise. I used a heart as the shape of the princess’s shawl and in her hair clip. I also put a heart on the back of the tortoise’s shell to show the relation between the two since the princess later reveals that she was the tortoise that was being beaten. The child and the tortoise have rather simple designs so they would be easy to animate. For Urashima his hair might be the only problematic part when it comes to animating. For the princess, because her dress covers her hands and feet, she wouldn’t be too difficult to animate. However, she has more details compared to the other characters so would probably the most difficult to keep consistent. With the second draft, the main changes I did were the pose for the child and changing the princess’s pose to standing up rather than sitting down.

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Project 2: Character Design

The story of Urashima Taro begins with the best fisherman in town and the kindest person around finding a group of boys beating on a tortoise. The boys refused to give the tortoise away, so Urashima Taro offers money for a trade. After the trade, wanting to help the tortoise, he puts it back into the ocean to send it home. A few days later, while Urashima  was fishing on a boat, a tortoise approaches and offers him a ride to Rin Gin, the Palace of the Dragon Kin of the Sea in thanks for saving it. Urashima accepts and meets the princess of the palace. She reveals that she was in fact the tortoise he saved from the children and offers him a marriage between them. Enraptured by the beauty of the princess and the palace, Urashima accepts. After the ceremony, Urashima begins to think about the home he left behind. Wanting to repay his duty to his parents, he tells the princess he must return home. The princess wishes him to stay. As a parting gift, she offers a lacquer box tied with red silk and tells him to never open it telling him that something dreadful would happen to him if he did. Urashima takes the box and returns home to find that although the land has mostly stayed the same, the people and surroundings have changed. He visits his parent’s house to find an old man he has never seen before. He questions the old man and is told that Urashima Taro was a man that lived 300 years ago. Realizing that everything at his home is gone, Urashima wishes to return to the palace but doesn’t know how to. Out of despair, Urashima opens the box from the princess and suddenly turns very old. His body caught up with the old age and he fell dead on the beach.


“Lit2Go.” The Story of Urashima Taro, the Fisher Lad | Japanese Fairy Tales | Yei Theodora Ozaki | Lit2Go ETC, etc.usf.edu/lit2go/72/japanese-fairy-tales/4881/the-story-of-urashima-taro-the-fisher-lad/.

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Walking Animation


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