Documentary Topic

For my documentary video, I plan to create an informative mockumentary based on cats. I want to mix the ideas of “the daily life of being a cat” and “you don’t own the cat, the cat owns you.” I will be using both animated still images and short clips with a narration.

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Traditional Media Project

For this project, I created the Japanese kanji characters for moonlight. For this art form, I found it most difficult to keep a steady hand and to try to create the lines I wanted in a straight fashion. In order to follow the kaisho style of Japanese calligraphy, I wanted to keep my lines precise and angular. To better myself a bit, I tried practicing my strokes in different ways and used different brushes to experiment with.

Some of the benefits of this art from lies the aesthetics of the characters. Calligraphy can create a sense of beauty and harmony with the strokes used. I was able to find some of the materials that traditional calligraphers use. I had to resort to using watercolor paper instead of rice paper, however, I was able to find similar ink and brushes.

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Traditional Media Research

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is one of Japan’s most popular fine arts. Simply put, it’s an art to write beautifully. The artist makes a work by bamboo brush and inks on the rice paper. It exchanges harmony and beauty. The equality of basic and smooth is encapsulated in calligraphical acts as one of fundamental standards of Japanese feel wabi sabi. Calligraphy is a unique fine arts of the East. It came to Japan from China approximately in V century A.D., and within centuries the skill of Chinese calligraphers was studied and improved by Japanese masters of calligraphy.

The Japanese calligraphers have created some new styles of hieroglyphs writing, having greater expressiveness and emotionality. Kaisho means the charter. The lines are written one after another. The lines are written distinctly, confidently. The hieroglyphs are precise, angular, square under the form. Gyosho – semi-italics. Faster writing. Lines are smooth, rounded off. Sosho italics. A prompt writing in few movements. Lines are fast, flying.

I plan to try to create the characters for moonlight in the kaisho style.

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Repurpose Project 2

For this part of the project, I added my own audio. I wanted to keep the original vibe and had some of the voices sound as close as possible to the original roars.

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Repurpose Project

For this project, I took clips from a movie and made something akin to a compilation in order to show the chaos. In the beginning, the idea of having dinosaurs around seems revolutionary, as if it’s the best thing humanity could have discovered. By transitioning to the dinosaur roars, I wanted to show how that idea went badly in a short period of time. I based this editing on the principles of repetition and duration.

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For my self-intro video, I originally wanted to find symbolized objects or areas for a select few of my traits that I think would most define me. For the beginning of the video, I was able to keep this idea. I then moved toward having other opposing traits, good and bad, appear to the music. Even I find it difficult to describe myself in a few words. I often change how I act depending on the people I am with and the environment. I’m just me.

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