Image Gallery Final


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Image Gallery Draft 2

I updated the navigational page to keep it more consistent on the Sun and Comet page.

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Image Gallery

Above is my first draft of my image gallery. It starts with a homepage and when one of the images is clicked, it takes you to an enlarged version. I’ve also included arrows to make it easily navigatable.

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Production Final

For this project, I chose the topic of depression. I had many different ideas for what to do for my video, but in the end, I chose to create it in a more inspirational sense. My first idea was to create a sequential video that tells a story and that leads up to a girl getting depression. Wanting the video and music to work together more, I chose to have shorter scenes and flashbacks to why the girl has depression. Throughout the scenes, the voice in her head keeps reminding her of the bad things she was told by others. She ends up believing the voice and, feeling misunderstood, she resorts to anger and violence. She uses writing as a coping method, but when that fails she gets frustrated. At the end, I wanted to help other people that suffer from depression, so I added encouraging words and music and gave out hotline numbers for those willing to talk with a professional.


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Self Critique


Over the course of the semester, I have been improving my skills as an animator. Using the Norman character rig in Maya, I was tasked with animating him for different scenarios. When I first began, I wasn’t sure how to create the ideas I had into the program. I also relied too heavily on the reference footage in the beginning, trying to follow it every step of the way rather than as just a guide. I learned the importance of camera angles and what it can convey to the viewer. One of the things I need to continue to improve upon is using the principles of animation. I understand the concepts of each one and have seen each technique used in the works of others, yet I struggle with using the right amount of each in my works. The main ones I have to focus on are ease in and out, timing, and staging. In order to further improve myself, the best way is to experiment with the different techniques to find my own style in animation and to closely examine other works to find what works.

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Pop Media Project

For this project, I created a short manga. A girl is taking pictures with her camera at Nezu Shrine. When she lowers the camera, she sees a yokai known as the Kuchisake-onna that attacks. I was drawn to this area because it’s beautiful scenery makes for fantastic photography and the torii gates seem enchanting. I decided to add the yokai into the comic because I like Japanese mythology. The woman is said to have been mutilated by her husband. In the older stories, she would usually cover her face with a fan, scarf, or cloth mask and ask people whether or not they thought she was pretty. She would then reveal her face, cut across from the jawline and repeat the question. Regardless of the answer, the victim usually wound up dead come next morning. I thought this tied in with the concept of beauty from the scenery of the shrine.

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Pop Media Research

For this project, I plan on doing a short comic, based on manga-style. I chose the Nezu Shrine to include in my work. This shrine is located in the Tokyo Metropolitan area and is well-known for it’s torii gate tunnel and the viewing platform overlooking the main shrine and a beautiful pond with koi. Every April, the shrine holds a festival when around 3000 azalea bushes of different species are in bloom. The beautiful scenery makes for perfect photography shots.

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