Self Critique


Over the course of the semester, I have been improving my skills as an animator. Using the Norman character rig in Maya, I was tasked with animating him for different scenarios. When I first began, I wasn’t sure how to create the ideas I had into the program. I also relied too heavily on the reference footage in the beginning, trying to follow it every step of the way rather than as just a guide. I learned the importance of camera angles and what it can convey to the viewer. One of the things I need to continue to improve upon is using the principles of animation. I understand the concepts of each one and have seen each technique used in the works of others, yet I struggle with using the right amount of each in my works. The main ones I have to focus on are ease in and out, timing, and staging. In order to further improve myself, the best way is to experiment with the different techniques to find my own style in animation and to closely examine other works to find what works.

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