Self-Portrait Final

For my self-portrait, I wanted to focus on my expression. I felt that this expression most described me in a single image. I tend to be over-analytical and misinterpret tasks or phrases. This leads me to be confused often. One change I would have liked to add was to add in a hand gesture to better portray confusion. To a viewer, some might interpret my expression to first be anger rather than my intended emotion. I tried to mimic the original softness of the image that I had taken for this project, however, I believe that an almost rougher look better explains myself and my works. Around some people, I do act roughly towards them, especially toward my family members.

In order to emphasize the expression, I made my face the focal point of my work and increased the size of it. My piece uses value and contrast to create shadows and to define where the light source is. I used asymmetrical balance to draw a viewer’s eye to the image. Line and shape is used to create the basic features of my face.

Overall, I believe that this project has allowed me to see my progress in that last year. I am improving and have become more accustomed to different mediums. A self-portrait can help a person see oneself in a different light. One can learn more about his/her own features. Drawing faces is an important part of being an animator. Expression and posing can add or take away a lot for a work. Being able to convey the emotions that accompany expression and posing allows for an animator to grab the attention of people into his/her works

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