Marionette Final

My character is meant to be a younger version of a character I created in another class.  For this project, I used wood to create the majority of the body and used clay for the head and hands. I tried my best to recreate a human form while I was carving. I had hand sewn the clothing for my character. In her younger days, my character was a geisha in training, also called a maiko, so I tried to recreate a kimono-like dress. I left the bottom of the dress more open to allow for move movement with the legs.

I first started with drawing out and planning my character’s design and size. Although proportion and size were important for this project, the main elements and principles of design that were focused on were shape and form. My marionette focuses on the elements of structure and flow. Each limb is attached to a string to allow free movement. By creating a 3D model of my character, I was able to bring a 2D picture to life and this allows me to has a better sense of form when I am creating future characters.

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