Comic Final

For my creation myth, I chose to do the Greek belief. I decided to choose the beginning of the beginning. For my first panel, the labyrinth represents the chaos. Both are associated with confusion. For the colors for my first panel, I chose 5 different colors. Each is to represent one of the five Greek elements; wind, water, earth, fire, and Aether. A Roman philosopher named Ovid once believed that the chaos was a mixture of all the elements. It was also believed that the chaos could have been empty space. For my first panel, I chose to include both these beliefs. The elements are all intertwined and connected, and between the labyrinth, I put stars to represent space. This panel focuses on line, color, shape space, and unity. For my second panel, I wanted Gaia to appear as a plant-like woman to show that she is full of life and is the creator of all beings. I chose to color some of my characters differently than how I usually would. I used texture to make my drawings seem more life-like. I wanted to create flow in my second panel, so I wrapped a vine around Gaia to draw the viewer’s eye around the image. For my third panel, I wanted to focus more on atmosphere. Tartaros represents hell, so instead of focusing on the character, I put more emphasis on the background. All the different shades of red create a sense of harmony and unity. Once again, I used texture in this panel, such as in the rocks. I also tried to incorporate proportion and scale.

I used the above image for inspiration and reference for my third panel. It was John Martin’s interpretation of what Tartaros was. It’s a painting that was created in 1841.

For my fourth panel, Eros is often depicted as Cupid, so I drew a child-like cupid. For this panel, I wanted to draw Eros in an action-like pose, as if he were about to shoot his arrow at a target. I wanted to use lighter colors for this panel to associate it with the love that Eros represents.

For my final panel, I wanted to show the family relations with each person by connecting them together in some way. It helps to create a sense of flow and draws a viewer’s eye across. I had both Hemera and Aether face inward to bring attention the Nyx and Erebus. Aether is often described as many things. For the last panel, he is meant to represent air. Air as an element is often depicted with the color green. Since the characters in the last panel aren’t necessarily objects, I made their bodies undefined and ghost-like. I also used contrast for Nyx’s body. For all of my drawings, I used different and uneven line weights to create the illusion of depth.  Overall, I wish I had planned out my time schedule more carefully so I could work more on the final panel. The first four panels turned out really well compared to what I had originally intended for them to look. For the font, I chose one that would compliment the Greek culture. It looks similar to Greek text, and as for the text boxes, I chose a cream gradient, a similar color to what most Greek buildings are.

Comics are made to tell a story through a series of sequential drawings. By creating comics, I can better myself at animating. Both require one to create a story through action. Comics are simpler in that it doesn’t require as many drawings, however, it helps for getting the main points across in the actions.

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