Creation Myth Ideas

I chose the beginning of the Greek creation myth for my comic. I focused on how in the beginning, there was Chaos, and out of it rose Gaia, the earth, Tartaros, the depth in the Earth where condemned dead souls go to their punishment, Eros, love, Erebos, the darkness, Nyx, the night, Aether, the air, and Hemera, the day.

For my comic, the first panel will portray the Chaos. I chose to create a maze to represent the confusion and combination of elements within the Chaos. Roman Poet Ovid once believed that the Chaos was a mixture of all the elements. In the end, all the pathways are connected in some way. I will have five main pathways: one for each element. The five elements that are included in Greek beliefs are fire, wind, water, earth, and Aether. A star symbol was embraced by Greek philosophers. Each point represented one of the five elements. My plan is to color each pathway the color that represents one element.

The next three panels show Gaia, Tartaros, and Eros. The last panel shows Erebos and Nyx holding hands to represent their union of love. I will also draw personified Hemera and Aether near them.

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