Reflection/Time Lapse Assignment

In my Figure and Motion class, we were assigned to draw a reflection including ourself and the surroundings, time lapse of people, and the background. I had to find the right time so that I could see both my reflection and the outside, so I began my work at dusk. I wished I had used more value and shading in my work. I think it would have helped to set the background from the reflection. However, I feel that my figures of people were accurate and it feels as if they are really moving. It was difficult to see far in the distance, so I left the empty space to my right. Most of the figures were around where my reflection were, so the area where my body is seems cluttered and busy. I tried to use lighter lines for the reflection of myself and the walls and paintings, but my face and hand turned out too dark and were almost of a similar value as the background. I had trouble trying to draw the sidewalk. My first draft of this was a gesture drawing and my lines weren’t clear enough to determine where the lines were. I included my thoughts on the paper I was drawing on. I was mostly focused on recent events, so I drew symbols of such thoughts.

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