Creation Myth Research

For my creation myth project, I chose to make a comic about the Greek creation myth.

In the beginning, chaos enveloped the universe. In the void was Nyx, a bird with black wings. Nyx laid a golden egg and sat upon it until life began to stir. Out of the egg rose Eros, the god of love. One half of the egg shell became Uranos, the sky, and the other half became Gaia, Earth. Eros had the two fall in love. The two had created many children. Kronus, one of their children, was among the Titan generation. He feared the power of his own children. To protect himself, he would swallow his children when they were still babies. His wife Rhea hid their youngest child. She instead offered him a rock wrapped in cloth. Thinking it was his son, he swallowed the rock. The child, later known as Zeus, lived on the island of Crete until adulthood. His mother then told him how to trick his father into throwing up his siblings. Once this was accomplished, the siblings and some other Titans fought a war against Kronus and those that stood with him. The younger generation was victorious. With Zeus as the leader, the gods began to give life to Gaia and filled Uranos with stars. Zeus summoned his sons, Prometheus and Epimetheus, to create man and animals and to give them a gift. Prometheus had set to creating humans in the image of the gods. Epimetheus had set to creating the animals, but gave each one a gift in the process. This left Prometheus with no gift to give mankind. Prometheus gave humans the gift of fire even thought it belonged to the gods. Prometheus’ punishment was to be chained to a rock and have his liver pecked out by a vulture everyday for all eternity. In order to punish mankind, he gave Epimetheus’ wife, Pandora, a gift along with presents from other gods as well. He told her to never open the box, but curiosity got the best of her, so when her husband wasn’t home, Pandora opened the box and let loose of all evils that plague the world today-pain, sickness, envy, greed. Hearing her scream, Epimetheus returned home and quickly shut the box, but it was already too late. Later that night, the two heard a voice from the box claiming that they were hope. The two opened the box and gave hope to mankind.

After reading about the creation myth, I realized that there were many parts I could take to create a comic of. In the end, I decided I wanted to create a scene on how Gaia, Mother Earth, Uranus, the Sky and the Heavens,  and Tartarus, the region below Earth were born out of the chaos. I drew some sketches of what I wanted Gaia to look like. I tried out a bit of a different style to try to keep to the Greek art with realism. I had the idea that I would have her like a normal human, but then her body would branch out into a tree. The other idea I found more pleasing to create. She is naked so that every inch of her is blessed by the majesty and beauty of her surroundings. I drew her as a plant-like person. Her hair is intertwined trees. Wrapping around her body are vines, leaves and flowers. After looking at some images, I wasn’t sure how I should depict her with Earth. I could either have her holding Earth similar to my first drawing or I could show her as a pregnant woman which she can be seen as to represent new and eternal life that should be protected just as a mother would her child. I figured that with the way her hair is, it would help to create more flow in my comic in that I could connect at least two of the panels through it.

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