Figure and Motion: Goals to be an Artist

When asked the question, “Do you consider yourself to be a professional artist?” I couldn’t properly answer. In some sense I do consider myself an artist, but not to the level of being a professional. I feel that there is so much to art that I’ll never stop learning new information about it. There are so many different art forms that I love to look at and strive to achieve. Rather than being doubtful at myself to not be able to achieve such art forms yet, I would much rather see these artists as inspiration, not competition. The hardest part is trying to find the right techniques. I wish to be able to switch from realistic drawing to simple, more abstract drawings. My main goal right now is to gain a better sense of lighting. I want to be able to distinguish the lights and darks of any object. Also, I want to work on my gesture drawing. I feel that my drawings seem almost too stiff and lifeless. I want to give more life and motion in order to be able to catch a viewer’s eye. The only way I can work toward my goals is to keep practicing. I need to take a step out of my comfort zone and experiment more. I need to use different mediums rather than what I’m used to. To practice different lightings, I could use a bright light on an object and try to draw what I see. Where are the darkest parts? The brightest? Are there different values of these lights and darks? For gesture drawings, I just need to do quick sketches of everyday movements. I can exaggerate the poses if I want more life to them. I need to find what works for me. Maybe a way I can do that is first finding what works for others and then tweaking this so I can easily do what I want to.

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