Canon Final


For my character, I wished to show her in her samurai attire. In order to have her clothes seem more casual, I used cool, faded colors. Bright colors would attract attention to these warriors when they would want to blend in better with a crowd to be able to remain unsuspicious when a foe may be nearby. I wanted to incorporate line weight into my drawings to help give dimension and to make objects closer or further appear as they are. Since my character’s hair is supposed to be black, while coloring, I used a lighter color around the edges where my line art lies so the lines would be visible. Overall, I am proud of my project’s results after all the time I put into it. It is fairly close to what I had intended to create. A few problems that I had was creating the 3/4 back view. In the end, my character appears to be leaning forward, rather than leaning slightly back. In order to better create a 3/4 back view, in the future I would flip my 3/4 front view, flip it, and trace the outline to get a better sense for the form. After I get the form down, I can fill in the details easily. Also, in my 3/4 front view, due to the way I drew the sandal straps, her foot seems tilted. I should plan ahead more before outlining everything. I believe that my character stayed fairly consistent in the five rotating positions.

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