Canon Sketch




For my character, I wished to create a strong female who looked intimidating. I gave her sharp eyes and small eyebrows to add to this. In this drawing, Airi is at the point where she is serving the young lord. She has already reached samurai status. I had to research what clothing that samurai generally wore in past Japan. I was inspired by Japanese hakama that were often worn by samurai. It allowed them to blend in easily rather than wearing armor all the time. I added gauntlet-like armor for some protection. She wears a leather vest that wraps around her body and has a fishnet shirt underneath. Her hair is black, partly tied up and is layered like feathers underneath.


I also drew a few different hairstyles. I knew I wanted her hair to be tied back, but there were a few different styles that I tried before deciding on having it half-up, half-down.

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