Modular Design Origami Marionette



My marionette is related to structure and flow; each body part is connected to a string, allowing for free movement and positions for my character. Cats often generate the idea of being dominant, however, I tried to focus on creating my puppet with the idea of how loving cats may be, despite their harsh exterior. While making my puppet, I tried to focus on the size shape and linear sequencing in order to clearly portray the image of a feline. I should have chosen more fur-like colors of an animal to help my piece feel more realistic and to give a better sense of balance and unity.

I first started with drawing and planning what geometric shapes I should use to help give off the idea of a cat. After simplifying as much as I could, I create the shapes and sewed up the body pieces. The most difficult part was creating a plan to sew which body parts to the control bar. My puppet doesn’t capture the realistic essence of an animal, however, it does show the movement like one. The elements of design that I essentially used were shape and form. Modular shapes are tied together to make a 3D character that imitates a cat’s movement and form. Modular design has helped with being able to simplify organic beings into shapes, allowing for me to be able to easily create more characters. The principles of design that I tried to include were unity and asymmetrical balance.

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