carcicature jkhjhg-2

I created a caricature of myself by further exaggerating the parts of my face and body that stood out. I made my eyes small in comparison to the rest of my face and greatly increased the distance of my tooth gap. I also gave myself a short, yet stout body. Overall, the main problem I noticed with the black and white drawing was that I drew the ear too high up on the face and didn’t properly proportion what I had wished to. As for the digitally drawn picture, I noticed that there were some unwanted white marks around the body and failed to properly blend in my shading. One other thing that I failed to originally realize was to give my glasses a bit of a glare from a light source to show that the lenses are there. As it is now, the glasses look as if the lenses are nonexistent. If I had more time or another chance to work on a similar project, I would do my best to realize the aforementioned mistakes and try to fix the errors in my art pieces in the future.

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