Face Mask


One of my final projects was to create a face mask. I wanted mine to be unique and unlike previously made masks. Being inspired from Norse mythology, I decided to create a valkyrie helmet. I created my own design after researching the history and images of valkyrie armor. Using bristol paper as my resource, I started with making the base of the helm. I continued on toward the face and allowed for the part that covers the eyes to move as if on hinges by using layers of paper. I used many repetitive shapes in order to make it appear that feathers were pointing out of the hinges and were covering the helmet all around.

I found it most difficult to try to keep the final piece neat and presentable. It was difficult to hide the tape where so many areas required it. Also, it was challenging to create curves and make them keep their shape.

Although this project took time, the final product was very close to what I had originally imagined. The feathers on the base are bent to indicate that helmet has been through much, almost as if it has been through a battle. This project allowed me to create an original 2D design and physically create my image in 3D. I was able to give my idea depth and dimension which will help me in future ideas when creating 3D animation and drawings.

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