Layers and Transparency


In order to use layers and transparency in an artwork to express colors, I first created my outline for painting. I used geometric shapes to experiment with pattern.

As a group project, I had to communicate and plan ideas along with my peers so that our projects would flow together and connect. For the colors, I started with primary for circles and the stars without the smaller triangles to help those shapes stand out. Then, I shifted to using many different shades of secondary and tertiary colors in the surrounding patches of triangles throughout the piece. Using appropriate complimentary colors along the way would bring the piece together. Lastly, I used many different intensity changes in the remaining shapes. The dark colors contrast the brighter colors and intensify how they stand out.

I used many different principles and elements of design in order to understand and experiment with so many colors. The main focus was color, but I also used line, shape and value. Repetition and contrast are aspects of my work that helped to make it unique.

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