The goal was to create a phenakistoscope, which can be considered a type of animation when spun. I decided to make mine follow a theme throughout the piece to give a better sense of harmony. I included phases of the moon, stars that go outward, off the screen, triangles to represent the sun and a space-like background. I used bright colors in contrast to the black background to help the shapes stand out more. I used complimentary colors for the stars to help create the flow and to contribute to the movement to make it more pleasing to the eye. However, due to the red in the arcs leading up to the pink stars, the stars aren’t as noticeable and almost blend in. I believe that the animation flows nicely in some parts, such as in the triangles and the center, but the stars didn’t flow as smoothly as originally planned. They move backwards and shrink due to the fact that I didn’t create smooth enough motion and sequences. Next time, I plan to have the arcs move off screen along with the stars to create more of a shooting star effect and to improve the motion.

As for the animation, I used squash and stretch for the triangles and arc for the stars. The elements of design that I included were shape, space, and unity. I used the illusion of space when creating the designs, by making objects smaller and seem further away. The principles that I included were repetition, proportion and movement.

Overall, I feel that the craftsmanship turned out well. Although, there are minor details that I would change if I were to do another, such as fixing the stars and color consistency in the triangles and moons with the paint. After experimenting with all the different colors and paints of the semester, I feel I have a better understanding of what colors to use and where to make a piece more aesthetically pleasing. This project allowed me to use my current knowledge on the basics of animation to expand on them and test my skills. I feel that I have more knowledge on what I should do to improve my animations in the future. Also, I was able to use the tools in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to help me create my piece and, thus, furthered my abilities  in those areas as well.

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