The idea for this project was to create an advertisement for a product given to us. I was assigned with trying to sell cookies. I looked at many existing ads for cookies in order to get an idea of what usually goes into them. After searching, I was most inspired by a Chip’s Ahoy advertisement. The ad contained a cookie standing next to a door saying “Do Not Disturb.” I decided to recreate the imagery using my own pictures. Using a cookie as the base, I found and added eyes and a mouth. The final result made the cookie seem almost mortified. I added the Cookie Monster holding hands with the cookie afterwards for a more humorous effect. I used a lot of shading on the door, cookie, and Cookie Monster in order to try and blend everything together and create a sense of space. I felt that the text would make more sense if it were to be written in a smooth and cursive font to create a more romantic effect. The title of the company name was meant to be a pun on fortune cookies. Overall, I found my project very unique and I was able to think outside the box while planning what to do. I feel confident that it creates an image that I first had in mind and a feeling like no other. I had the most trouble in trying to create a space for everything. the shading was the most difficult and I feel like it could be improved upon.

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