I created a drawing of a still-life chair with a cloth on top of it with charcoal. Using all my skills that I have gained and developed, I put them all to use in my final image. I used gesture drawing, proportions, shading, and atmospheric perspective to help give my chair a sense of depth and space. I wanted to create a lonely feeling in my piece so I placed the chair of the left of the paper to make it seem alone; as if it there is something at the right to look at, yet it’s not there. The dark shading and background also help the mood in giving off a sad feeling.

I feel confident in the form and space of my piece. I feel that the chair was portrayed as if it is really there and ready to be sat upon. I had the most difficulty with trying to create the lines of the chair. I had to train my eyes to examine the placement and shape of each one. I also struggled with the shading of the chair. I had to mix atmospheric perspective and the elements of light and dark. I noticed that although, to my eyes, the cloth under the back of the chair was the darkest, due to it being further away, it had to be fainter and, thus, a lighter gray than i had originally made it. I had also originally had an aura around my chair, so as to highlight it and draw a viewer’s eye to it. However, I realized that with that aura, it was almost as if saying that my work wasn’t good enough without it, as if it couldn’t stand by itself and needed more attention.

This art piece was definitely a challenge for me. I had to change my view of an object in order to be able to portray in a realistic way. Although I am still improving, I wish to further practice my shading in pieces to give more depth and help objects seem as if they are three-dimensional on a two-dimensional plane.

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