Non-Sequential Form


The idea was to create a non-sequential form; I decided to use animals as my basis for this. I started with an elephant as my main creature and merged different animal parts to create an abnormal being. I used the puppet warp tool to move the trunk to fit the bird head. Using the stamp tool, I took the textures from both creatures and overlapped them to have it fade into. I used butterfly wings for the ears. I first removed the original elephant ears and shadow by using the stamp tool and sampling other parts of the elephant, then once again blended the textures together. I used the puppet warp tool to create the snake tail as well in order to have the snake flow downward, I then masked out Komodo dragon claws and blended them into the elephant feet. After creating the basic creature, I focused on the background. I used different pictures of a storm and ocean and layered and merged them to create the scenery. I duplicated the body of water and lowered the opacity to make it seem as if the elephant is standing in the water. I then used different clouds and fog to create the illusion of height in the picture, aiming to have the creature much bigger than it seems. It was difficult to try and blend everything together and have the different textures merge.

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