17 Days

Day 1: An animation made by Alice Dunseath titled Hunting for Hockney. Nearly full animation, except for the scene of the car driving on the road cut into different panels. The animation has very smooth transitions to different sceneries and uses many bright colors. It follows the narration of the story very closely and helps portray visual responses to a viewer to better understand what is happening.

Day 2: A video made by Simone Doing and Max Puchalsky called Kindred. The video is of a naked woman lying in a bed with her arms and legs hidden by her form. The scene is taken at an angle and the window is open, allowing for the breeze to move the curtains. The woman fades in and out to show the form of an animal.

Day 3: A video called Rooftop Short by Evelin Stermitz. On the rooftop, the video is taken at many different angles and perspectives. The sound includes includes cars and other noises to create an eerie feeling. Throughout the video, a woman in a black dress appears and disappears to create a ghostlike appearance.

Day 4: A video by Eduardo Yague called The Hero is Light. The narration is of a poem based in Russia and the video shows different scenarios described throughout to give a sense of solitude. Many of the scenes are in black and white until the end, under the blue sky.
Day 5:Grotesques by Ellen Wetmore

The video has a white background with many videos put together. The borders of each video are made up of either, women with different poses, flowers, or animals. Different parts of the videos play throughout. The center video, with the beach and waves, is the largest and draws a viewer’s eyes to it. There are many different perspectives and composites to create illusions.

Day 6: To Measure is to Know by Roland Quelven

The video contains a constant background throughout and has a man in a suit, eating food. A quote is shown at the beginning to give the main theme about the video and to get the viewer to think. There are other images atop the main one, faded into the background. Many of the overlapping pictures contain numbers to refer back to the quote and main theme of knowledge and measurement. The sounds give off a disturbing feeling to the audience.

Day 7: Snags in Palladio by Michele Manzini

First Scene:Symmetries

A woman in a red dress walks up the stairs to a building in perfect symmetry. She divides the symmetrical building and her movements create a sense of balance.

Second:Domestic Spaces

A woman is sitting atop a bed, facing the wall. A hand emerges and begins stroking her hair. The wall has images all over, similar to hieroglyphics.

Third :Allegories

A woman is moving atop of a mirror that reflects her. There are many paintings in the background to give a more artistic feel.

Fourth :Thresholds

The scene is shown through two doorways, with a hallway in between. This gives a sense of a foreground, middle ground and background. At first, there is a woman in a white dress, dancing in the background. Another girl appears in a purple dress in the middle ground and uses the camera placing to her advantage by appearing and disappearing to show different moves.


The focal point of the video is a woman sitting in a chair, facing a scenic background. In the foreground and middle ground, there are people in heels walking back and forth to show the passing of time.

Day 8: Nicky by Eden Mitsenmacher

This video is made to be like a music video. The background consists of still images, while the musicians are in the foreground performing. There are many different effects added to different items throughout, including the singers. The colorful smoke-like effect gives a floating feeling to the piece.

Day 9: #MemoryoftheUniverse by Alysse Stepanian

This video was made using computer 3D modeling and graphics. A female hybrid is shown moving throughout the piece in space in order to transition to different scenarios.

Day 10:Untitled(Fracture Series) by Andrew Kaufman

An artwork consisting of a dark background to contrast the lighter, triangular object in the center. The image appears to be cracked, like a broken screen. The cracks bring the piece together to give more meaning behind the piece and gives a sense of chaos and imperfection.

Day 11:In Dreams by Samuel Blain

This video contains many different people being interviewed and them telling their story of a dream they remember. Each person’s head is changed with 3D graphics depending on the content to their dream to portray their fears.

Day 12: Flashback Nuclear by Barbara Matas

This video is based in space. There is a voice in the background, telling of a nuclear bomb. However, the music is louder and stands out more. It starts with a woman sitting in space. Over time, she morphs into different creatures including deer and fish. She composites herself to make mutant creatures and help develop the nuclear theme.

Day 13: This Dull Chaos by A. H. Jerriod Avant

This video contains 5, almost all black and white, images played in a repeated order along to a voice in the background. The images are played at different speeds throughout to help focus on the voice more

Day 14: Fingers of Doom by Raquel Meyers

This animation is made digitally and has an 8-bit style to it. The colors are dull, similar to the old game systems. The music helps bring the piece together as the animation follows along to it to create 2d, detailed images of different characters.

Day 15:Travel Notebooks: Barcelona by Silvia De Gennaro

This video is made up of different images to create a background. There’s music in the background and the images are synced so that they dilate in size along to the beat. The images are based off the artist’s trip to Barcelona.

Day 16:Predator Bronze by Wiley Aker

This video is a composite of different series of clips put together to create a landscape. Events are portrayed throughout the piece such as radio transmissions. The videos bring the piece to life as everything moves.


Day 17:An Ordinary Blue Monday by Naomi Van Niekerk

This animation is drawn in charcoal, using stop motion. The flow between the movements are very smooth and tells the story the narrator wants to portray. The contrast between the background and charcoal allows the viewer to focus on the darker parts of the images. Negative space is used to show detail.

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