Boring Book Cover


The idea was to take a boring book cover and redesign it to make it interesting. I chose a book about video games describing the art over the years and how it has evolved to what it is today starting with pixelated games. I wanted to include the content of the book in the cover so I decided to use iconic or main characters from most of the games mentioned and created a collage of sorts. I wished to show the evolution of gaming and used some repeated characters to show the advancement from 8-bit to two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Inspired from the original book, I used a pixelated font, often used in old games or RPGs. It took a while to mask each character and find the right placement while trying not to block the others as much. I was influenced by other covers that included a collage of characters all together in an image such as Super Smash Brothers Brawl, a fighting video game that includes a variety of well-known game characters. To me, the font is placed well. The title is big enough to see and the placement of everything draws a viewer’s eye downwards, while keeping interest with the photo.

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