Illuminated Name



First inked copy


In my work to create an illuminated name, I tried to incorporate objects that represent me and my interests such as a book, a pencil for drawing, a laptop, music notes, a cat, and nature. I turned the initials of my name into a dragon to show my interest in mythology and added my values in words and a crescent moon to the “N” because I am fascinated my space. Also, in the border, I used the lines of a piece of technology and connected the objects and a value scale of colors in the flowers to help draw a viewer’s eye downward . In order to create my name, I used celtic drawings for inspiration. I tried to mimic how many images had overlapping lines in my “N” and used many curved objects such as the flowers.

I used many different mediums for this project. This is the first time that I had to use so many different materials. After outlining everything, I started to color the flowers and inside of the dragon with markers. I used watercolor paint for the outside. I used a photo that I took of stained glass for the top and bottom of the border and then digitally drew in the triangles in the corners. I wanted to use variations of cool colors to help everything flow together. I believe using too many bright or primary colors can strain the eyes and makes an image hard to look at. The soft, cool colors bring the image together and create a sense of harmony.

I was first unsatisfied with my first drawing of the project. I thought the lines were too messy and wanted my image to look clearer. I used the critique from my peers to help make a better image and help everything come together as I created my second picture.

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