Linear Day Book








The idea was to create an accordion book of a specific day that happened to myself. I chose the day that my cat had to be put down. The events and images are still clear to me now and it was a day that would stick with me in my memories. I tried to use different line weights to help emphasize certain images such as the cat and people. I believe that it creates a sense of unity within the images. I also tried to incorporate symbolism to help create a clearer understanding in a unique way. I felt helpless and distraught. I wanted to be able to do something, but I knew that it only bring more sadness and pain for me and my pet. I wanted to portray my distress and I think I was able to achieve that through the portrayal of the girl holding the cat. I connected the lines to help create a nice flow between images. My intention was to represent death by placing the paw prints in the border. As time moved on, each one was darker and darker until fully encompassed by darkness. I added the drop underneath the needle to stand for both my tears and the shot. In the last frame, the z’s stand for being put to sleep and rest on a staircase to show the ascension to heaven. I recognize that I made mistakes in my final copy and have thought of ways to fix them in future works. I outlined the images in sharpie and in the last two panels,there are smudge marks. I believe I was being too hasty while working and should have waited longer to ensure a clean image. I, also, am bothered by the vet’s face. In my preliminary drawing, I felt more confident in the looks. However, when I was trying to recreate the images, I made mistakes in outlining. It’s nearly impossible to recreate an image exactly how it was before. Each time, a drawing gives off a different feeling and the lines change. The hourglasses are the cover and back of the book. I wanted to show how time was running out. I wish to have been more consistent in the drawings.

This work helped me to experiment with new techniques, lines, materials, and visual portrayals. I have never used varying markers and sharpies of different sizes to outline my work. It is difficult to control the strokes and keep lines consistent, especially with curves. I will take my newfound knowledge and apply it to future works. It only shows my progress and how I still have much to learn. Although I made mistakes, I am fairly proud of my work. I believe I was still able to give off the feelings that I intended to.

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