Assignment 1-Flipbook

First version:
Second version:

Otto Mesmer was an American animator most well-known for his work Felix the Cat. In order to create an animation with similar style to Mesmer, I watched his work and studied each frame by frame to grasp his technique. These shorts include Arabiantics, Eats are West, Ducks His Duty, Whys and Otherwise, The Inventor, Felix Dopes It Out, Felix Wins Out, and Felix Saves the Day. I was mainly influenced by Arabiantics when Felix turns around to find his pouch of jewels was stolen. The expression and movement expresses shock very well.  Based my character on Felix, just as many other animations made during the time Felix the Cat was made, it includes and an animal with human-like characteristics and poses.

I found particularly smooth motion in frames 1-9, where the rabbit is walking. In order to achieve this motion, I kept the character consistent while only make slight changes in each frame. The motion was less smooth in frames 23-30. In order to make the motion smoother, I should have been more consistent, instead of changing each frame. The action that was unclear was when the rock moved. In order to clarify what was happening, I could have included more movement by adding the rock into more frames. In order to make the character look shocked, I first focused on the character’s facial expression. I then shifted to make the character move in a response appropriate to being shocked and scared. I believe it was fairly successful in making the character look shocked. In order to make the character look more shocked, I should have focused more on the body movement by perhaps having the character jump or run away. The other problems I found while trying to make my first animation was trying to draw each frame. It was difficult to find a way to make everything clear and coming up with ideas that would make what is happening clear to the audience. I felt things went easier the second time around because I used more of the resources around me to help.

The second time, in order to make my character easier to animate, I made them more geometric, having simple shapes to make it easy to recreate the character in each frame. I felt that the entire animation improved the second time around. The motion was much smoother and it was clearer what was happening. I believe the areas that improved most were the walking animation, frames 1-13 and the running away animation, frames 40-46.

Overall, I feel much prouder of my second piece of work. I feel as if I have a better understanding of how to animate, although I still have a long way to go. I know better to try to use the materials around me to help me make everything easier and lessen the time it takes me to draw a frame.

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