Project 1- Imaginary Landscape


The idea was to create a unique landscape using a minimum of 10 photos in photoshop. I started with first coming up with a general theme for my pictures. After finding a background that I believed would be a good basis, I started to add ethereal creatures by using mask layers to make everything fit into the topic of a faery garden. I added a small village made of mushrooms in the lower right corner and used the healing brush tool to add rows of the houses. I added white light around the area to make it stand out more. Grass and flowers were used to give the effect of a garden. The lanterns in the trees and the sparkling behind the faeries were added last to make the area glow. I added small details to help everything blend together such as using the blur tool to blur the edges around the girl and the village. The picture tuned out differently than I imagined, like most artworks do, but I feel proud of it and am confident in the results.

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