Javascript Site Draft

For this project, I plan to make a parallax scrolling short narrative game. I’m going to create a sci-fi world that includes two characters. The world is going to be futuristic in a sense, having androids instead of humans and people with non-human powers. The two characters are the latter and are twin brother and sister. They are essentially guardians of the queen of their kingdom. The playable character will be the sister, Clara.

Appearance-wise, Clara, and her brother, Void, both look child-like with their small statures. Clara doesn’t express her emotions very well and generally tries to avoid troublesome occurrences and conflict, however, sometimes her curiosity gets the better of her. Her brother is the opposite of her in that he gets too emotional over trivial things whether it be anger or happiness. Clara has large pigtails that act more like smoke than actual hair. She wears large sleeves to cover her body. Underneath her clothes, her body is covered in black with blue tech lines running through it. Her brother suffers from a similar condition, however, his are yellow rather than blue. Instead of walking, both prefer to glide across the ground an floor.

Clara wakes up in what appears to be a cell. Unaware of the situation that happened to her, she’s confused and curious. As she takes a look around, she notices that everything is quiet in an eerie sort of way. She leaves easily and decides to explore to find out what happened. I plan to tell the story by using text boxes that require clicking to advance. The dialogue will mainly be Clara’s thoughts along the way until she meets her brother who woke up in a similar situation, without any memory of what happened to everyone. The two then converse with each other, stating anything that comes to mind that could be of importance. Noticing the distortions happening around them, they infer that the world itself must be disappearing. Towards the end, the two arrive at a large fracture in the world, showing different time periods. Someone is messing with the timelines of different worlds and has thus caused a disruption in the evolution that has led to their current world. In order to find the person responsible for this, the two recall the Queen’s pendant that they were gifted. It can only be called upon while the two are together. This pendant will allow them to travel across the different periods along with the trespasser to stop them. The game ends with the two disappearing in the fracture.

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Interactive Design:Javascript Exercises

Toggle Display:

Parallax Scrolling:

Keyboard Events:

Canvas Drawing:

Time Events:

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Responsive Design Final

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Responsive Design Draft

My prompt was to create a hip yarn website for young women of ages 18-24.



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Art Influenced Site Final

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Art Influenced Site Draft

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Art-Influenced Site

For this project, I plan to use my three sky shots. Each picture has a horizon line and focuses on the sky and clouds. I want to use a cool color scheme for my design.

For my artistic ally, I chose Francesca Mazolla ( Her pictures are also nature shots that use similar hues of the color blue.

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